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A Pod of Their Own Announces Fifth Annual Dollars for Dingers event! 

The annual charity event has raised more than $35,000 in its five years. 

A Pod of Their Own, a female-hosted New York Mets podcast, is proud to present the fifth annual Dollars for Dingers charity event, starting on September 1st. For the month of September, fans pledge a dollar amount per home run hit by the New York Mets, with all of the proceeds going to charity. The event culminates with a live raffle and meet and greet held at Ebbs Brewery at Citi Field on September 30th at 4pm before the Mets/Phillies game that evening. 

“We’ve loved having everyone come out to our past raffle events. It’s been wonderful meeting listeners of the show, and it has given us a chance to educate those who attend the event on the services the National Domestic Violence Hotline provides so they can see why the need for this fundraiser is so important,” says A Pod of Their Own co-host Linda Surovich. “We are so blessed that so many people have been willing to donate raffle prizes and generate excitement for the event. We work hard gathering the prizes and it is truly rewarding to see and feel the energy of those in attendance. We try to get a variety of prizes so there is something for everyone to use their raffle tickets on. At $1 per ticket you really can’t go wrong. It’s a great time to come have some good food and drink, commiserate with other Mets fans, and donate to a vital organization. We look forward to it every year and we hope it continues to grow in the years to come.”

This year, as it was for the four of the past five years, the event is raising money for the National Domestic Violence Hotline. The NDVH has been a resource for people in violent relationships for over two decades. They provide concrete services and support and bring a wealth of knowledge about violence, social services, and recovery. They are a worthy organization doing great work in an area where baseball is still trying to find its footing.

This year, A Pod of Their Own is encouraging fans of all 30 MLB teams - or even fans of minor league or foreign baseball teams - to pledge for their team’s home runs, and help the Hotline with their incredibly important work.

“Given our podcast’s mission of discussing baseball through a social justice lens and a desire to make the Mets and baseball communities welcoming spaces for everyone, we found ourselves talking about domestic violence on the show often,” says A Pod of Their Own co-host Allison McCague. “Sports is an area where toxic masculinity is prevalent and unfortunately that often goes hand-in-hand with domestic violence. We wanted to do more than just talk about holding abusers accountable and discuss the difficulties of having abusers on your team as a fan. We wanted to use our platform to provide tangible support for survivors. As a result, Dollars for Dingers was born in 2019 and has grown every year since into the wonderful partnership with The National Domestic Violence Hotline it is today.”

The culminating event at the Ebbs Brewery will feature raffle items such a signed Starling Marte baseball, rare bobbleheads, a neon sign from Athlete Logos, and much more. There will also be food and drink specials, as well as a chance to meet and hang out with the podcasters A Pod of Their Own and the other Home Run Applesauce podcasts. 

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Ebbs once again for this event,” says A Pod of Their Own producer/Fans First Sports Network co-founder Brian Salvatore. “Their generosity helps us take Dollars for Dingers to a different level.”

To participate in Dollars for Dingers, simply fill out this spreadsheet with your information. No amount is too small and you can use a nickname or pseudonym if you want to keep your donation anonymous - everyone will be on the honor system for submitting your own donation when the month is over. We have a dedicated donation page for the NDVH that can be found here

A Pod of Their Own started in 2018 when McCague, Surovich, and Maggie Wiggin joined together to create a podcast that looked at the Mets and baseball in general through a social justice lens, discussing the intersection points of baseball and politics, and celebrating the game that brings us so much fun and frustration each and every year. 

“We looked around this amazing landscape of baseball podcasts and realized how little representation there was for non-men,” says Wiggin, who has been covering the Mets since 2013, “and we felt like this was an opportunity to not only make our own voices heard, but to elevate the voices of others in the community.”

A Pod of Their Own is part of Home Run Applesauce, a collection of Mets podcasts that cover the team from a variety of angles, from the current product to minor leagues to the distant past. Home Run Applesauce is a proud member of the Fans First Sports Network. 

For more information, visit HomeRunApplesauce.com or follow A Pod Of Their Own on Twitter, Instagram, Bluesky, and TikTok @apodoftheirown. 

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